Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers

KC, now assisting and creating this business venture, became a vegan in July, 2019. After being vegetarian for years, she made the transition to full veganism to balance her environmental and sustainable lifestyle. 
She believes that everyone can be vegan once they are in the right mindset. She says "you need some preparation and research to take the next big step, but it's so helpful for your body and the planet!"
She graduated from James Madison University with three Bachelor degrees and hopes to part of the change this world needs. 
She's a proud cat and dog mom, loves drinking beer, and making others smile. She's very excited to share this venture with you, so everyone can enjoy delicious vegan food with Pockets!

CEO and Co-Founder, KC Collazo


Karen, working as Beverage Director at a country club, has been vegan for eleven years. She first got into veganism because she didn't like feeling sick after eating meat, so she did more research. She grew her knowledge to match her new ethics and started doing other sustainable things like: creating a compost, farming her own vegetables and maintaining a rain water bucket.
Always being environmentally conscious, she never persisted her opinions on to others. She shares that one person "cannot change the world, but [one] can change your corner of it." 
She's a Level-3 Wine Sommelier and loves spending time with her family. She helped spark the idea of Pockets with her food creativity and love for cooking. 

Executive Chef, Karen


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